Welcome to The Points Doctor!


My name is Joel, and I am excited to share in this new project with you. For the past few years I have been working at my residency program in Cambridge, MA. Prior to that, I was in school in Chicago, IL. Needless to say, it has been a stressful few years.

As I near the end of my residency training, I have had some time to reflect on my experiences. One thing that has struck me is how much healthcare providers are overworked. I think the field of medicine is starting to realize this, with a lot of recent focus on provider burnout rates.

But I think everyone else is overworked too. Perhaps it is reflective of an American attitude towards work. Or the fact that our technological advances now mean that we are more occupied than ever before.

Can we all slow down? (Venice, Italy, 2013,  ©  Joel Ang photography)

Can we all slow down? (Venice, Italy, 2013, © Joel Ang photography)

Needed Respite

Despite the general business of residency, I have had the opportunity to get away a few times on vacation. Often, the majority of these vacations are paid for with credit card points. My wife and I have paid very little for trips that would have originally cost thousands of dollars. Our travels have provided us with some much needed respite, without needing to shoulder additional financial burden afterwards.

Part of the reason I started this blog is to help you find rest. Sometimes, that will mean giving advice on points travel. Other times, I am going to share tips on how to save money. But in all honesty there are already a lot of point hacking websites out there. I am hoping that this website will be so much more than just an award travel blog.

My goal is to talk about financial, mental and physical well-being, particularly as it relates to those in the healthcare field. Hopefully, credit cards and points will just be a means to much greater end.

Italian Walls (Murano, Italy, 2013,  ©  Joel Ang photography)

Italian Walls (Murano, Italy, 2013, © Joel Ang photography)

Some Disclosures

I just want to say that all opinions expressed on this website are my own. I am not an accountant, a financial advisor, or a psychiatrist. I am, however, a photographer, and I will try to publish as many of my own photos as possible. I am also currently not being paid by any financial institution, but I may get referral bonuses if you use my links.

Buckle Your Seat Belts

So here goes nothing. I hope you will join me as we figure out a journey towards wellness.