My name is Joel Ang, and I am currently a third year resident in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I grew up in Brunei, a small country in South East Asia, and have been traveling since I was an infant.

In 2012, while in podiatry school, I stumbled across the world of credit card points. I read, in utter disbelief, about individuals flying across the world in business and first class cabins for less than the price of coach. I skeptically entered into the world of travel hacking, and quickly became hooked. Over the last few years I have had the privilege of flying on amazing in-flight products and staying at luxurious hotels. Better yet, I have been able to help my friends and family with similar experiences. It is hard to express how it feels to be able to treat my parents - after all they have done for me - to flat-bed business class seats on their 17 hour flight to the United States for a marginal fee. Our family would have never been able to afford such an extravagance at full price.

That feeling is the reason I started this website. I want to help healthcare professionals across the country get the breaks they deserve, without having to pay the full financial cost. After all, medicine is an incredibly challenging field to work in. The hours are long, the number of vacation days are few and far between, and the school debt perpetually weighs on one’s shoulders. It is hard to underestimate the physical, emotional and psychological toll medicine has on its providers.

So here is my attempt to help tackle the burnout epidemic. I hope that the money saving tips, mileage collecting strategies and trip planning advice allows you to exhale, reset, and live life with a full sense of purpose.

Thanks for reading,